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Public affairs reimagined. Led by Jill Alper, Alper Strategies & Media assembles top-flight teams and the latest in research, technology, and tools to create media campaigns and public affairs solutions for corporations, non-profits, and candidates to grow their bottom line. A nationally recognized strategist and media consultant, Jill has built her reputation at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, holding national senior roles in seven presidential and eight national coordinated campaigns. She's led organizations of 1,000+ staff, managed multi-million dollar budgets, and worked with campaigns in all 50 states. A leadership, management, and communications expert, she's counseled both candidates and chief executives. She’s also produced award-winning integrated media campaigns at the state and national levels, including placing over $100 million in advertisements, with an expertise including female candidacies and voters. Previously a partner at the Dewey Square Group, Jill led the firm’s national media and campaign practices, as well as the Michigan office. Jill has been recognized by the American Association of Political Consultants as the nation’s “Best Democratic Campaign Manager,” was named to Aristotle Inc.’s “Democratic Campaign Manager Dream Team” and has earned several AAPC Pollie advertising awards. She served as an elected Michigan DNC member for seven years and currently serves on the Advisory Board of New Left Accelerator and is on the Board of The Voter Participation Center and American Independent. Jill is based out of suburban Detroit, where she’s worked on all but two winning campaigns in Michigan over 29 years, serving as a Senior Strategist for leaders like Mayor Dave Bing, Governor Jennifer Granholm and Senator Carl Levin; for independent committees to elect candidates like Mayor Mike Duggan; and, on ballot initiatives to legalize stem cell research, to save the Detroit Institute of Arts, and to end gerrymandering. Jill got her start in politics at 15 when she met Governor Mike Dukakis of Massachusetts as a result of her lawsuit against Massachusetts Senate President William M. Bulger, who refused to hire women to serve as senate pages (the suit was eventually dropped when Bulger hired a woman after sustaining media attention by the Boston Globe). She later served as the Deputy Iowa Field Director for his presidential campaign.

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Anything that involves family, friends, fun or bulldogs.